Time to Surf

When It's Time to Surf

The surf town of San Juan, La Union comes alive during the north swell season when the northeast tradewinds (locally known as the amihan winds) bring consistent swells to the coastline from October to April. The southwest monsoon, known as the habagat, will also yield waves during the months of July to September, but prepare to surf in rainy conditions during this south swell season. May and June are transition months and the chances of swell will be low to unlikely during these months. Aside from knowing when you should go, it is also important to know which surf spots you can surf depending on your skill level. Here are some of the most popular surf spots in La Union.

Surf San Juan La Union

The Beach Break

The main beach break in San Juan is where most surf schools hold their surf lessons. You’ll find a lot of surf shacks on the beach itself and you can approach any of the local surf instructors to inquire about lessons and board rentals. Get in touch with the cool cats of Elyu Classic and Promdisea for a guaranteed fun introduction to the highly addicting world of waves.

Monaliza Point

Monaliza Point is easily everyone’s favorite right-hander in San Juan and it is directly in front of The Little Surfmaid Resort. Beginners beware: The Point breaks over sharp and rocky reef that can be difficult to navigate so it’s best to paddle out with a dedicated surf instructor. For intermediate to advanced surfers, the waves will be nothing short of rewarding especially if you are comfortable surfing in crowds.

The Bowl

The Bowl is a fast section in the main beach break that offers steeper drops and small barreling sections on the inside. It breaks right in front of Kahuna Beach Resort and it would be best to paddle out here if your surf skills are above beginner.


Bacnotan is another La Union favorite and it is commonly known as the surf spot beside the Holcim cement factory. If it’s longer rides on a sandy break that you want, then ask your surf instructors about renting a jeepney to bring you, your friends and all your boards to this fun spot 30 minutes away from San Juan.

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